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Friday, September 04, 2015 Tomorrow: AWL 13.1
Happy Birthday Anthony R
Linda W
Labor Day Monday Schedule:
8AM-Regular WOD ... 9AM-Masters ... 10AM-Regular WOD


5 rounds for time of:
800 m Run
5 - 15 ft Rope Climbs     Rx2: Body-Pulls to K2E
50  Flash Push-ups

1st49:40 RxIngrid Today!
2nd50:00 RxJyl Today!
3rd38:30 Rx2Lauren Y Today!
1st38:57 RxJohn Neg Today!
2nd50:00 RxWillie Today!
3rd28:10 Rx2Baylor Today!

Melissa S43:38 Rx2 body pulls
Paul Br44:58 Rx2 Body Pulls
Willie50:00 Rx 4rounds+800m
Jyl50:00 Rx got to second rope climb in fourth round
Roland48:00 Rx2
Amanda Sta50:00 Rx2 4 rounds+800m; all RX but did body pulls
Jessica B50:00 Rx2 4rounds+400m: all RX but 6 climbs 18 BP
John Neg38:57 Rx
Shane39:34 Rx2 Body Pulls 2-5 rnds
Lauren Y38:30 Rx2 body pulls
Ingrid49:40 Rx
Lance H23:09  masters
Jim E38:40 Rx2 4 body pulls
Jonell32:04  Masters
Jim L28:35  masters
Jeff W43:42 Rx2 rope climbs
Ellen48:05  5rds,800mrun,30bws,30bex,+1mile run
Stan47:40 Rx2
Baylor28:10 Rx2
Bryan R40:34 Rx2 5 rds 800m run, 5bp, 50pu
Results Posted: 20
CrossFit Cherokee Sep 4,2015

Linda W 8:27am
Veteran LAPD officer and United States Marine Corps Reservist Sergeant Major Robert J Cottle, 45, was killed by an improvised explosive device while on patrol in Southern Afghanistan on Wednesday, March 24, 2010. RJ joined the Marines at age 18, and the LAPD in 1990. His various LAPD assignments included Hollywood Vice, Southeast Area, LAPD Dive Team and, most recently, SWAT. He is survived by his wife Emily and 9 month old daughter Kaila.

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Thursday, September 03, 2015
Happy Birthday Pat
Linda W
Labor Day Monday Schedule:
8AM-Regular WOD ... 9AM-Masters ... 10AM-Regular WOD


(0,6,12...) 200 m Run
(2,8,14...) 20 Box Jumps 30/24  Rx2: 24/20  
(4,10,16...) 20 KBS's       70/53  Rx2: 54/35

*Score is number of completed Rounds. There are 15 total Rounds

1st15 rounds Rx2Jessica B Thu,Sep 3,2015
Brittney Thu,Sep 3,2015
Brittany W Thu,Sep 3,2015
Amanda Sta Thu,Sep 3,2015
Sallie Thu,Sep 3,2015
Shadia Thu,Sep 3,2015
Brittany Su Thu,Sep 3,2015
Jyl Thu,Sep 3,2015
Ingrid Thu,Sep 3,2015
Maggie Thu,Sep 3,2015
Alexis Thu,Sep 3,2015
Beth F Thu,Sep 3,2015
2nd15Josie Thu,Sep 3,2015
Lacey Thu,Sep 3,2015
Jessica Go Thu,Sep 3,2015
Marissa Thu,Sep 3,2015
Melissa S Thu,Sep 3,2015
1st15 RxBobby S Thu,Sep 3,2015
Bill M Thu,Sep 3,2015
Scott Sh Thu,Sep 3,2015
John Neg Thu,Sep 3,2015
2nd15 Rx2Randall B Thu,Sep 3,2015
Levi Thu,Sep 3,2015
Bobby H Thu,Sep 3,2015
Ashley P Thu,Sep 3,2015
Alan Thu,Sep 3,2015
Willie Thu,Sep 3,2015
Roland Thu,Sep 3,2015
3rd15Jamie C Thu,Sep 3,2015
Christopher Thu,Sep 3,2015
Jeffrey Thu,Sep 3,2015

Melissa S15  step ups; 35#kb
Alexis15 Rx2 20# box, 35# KB
Randall B15 Rx2 30' box, 53#kb
Roland15 Rx2
Maggie15 Rx2 i'm not friends with Box Jumps
Bill M15 Rx
Ingrid15 Rx2 Rx2+ @44#kb; 24'' box
Jyl15 Rx2 53kb 20in bj
Scott Sh15 Rx
Brittany Su15 Rx2
Shadia15 Rx2 30 kb
Sallie15 Rx2 at perimeter
John Neg15 Rx
Willie15 Rx2
Marissa15  20 step ups, 35 kb
Brittany W15 Rx2 24 BJ; 35# KBS
Brittney15 Rx2 30' BJ, 35 KBS
Alan15 Rx2 43' BJ, 53KBS
Ashley P15 Rx2 6 RX, 9-24' bj
Jamie C15  Step ups after yesterday's squats, 53# kb
Jessica Go15  35# kb, step ups
Bobby H15 Rx2 some 30' BJ
Levi15 Rx2
Christopher15  SU, 24in box
Bobby S15 Rx
Lacey15  26# kb 20 in bj
Beth F15 Rx2 35kbs, 24 bj
Josie15  mstrs 20 in su 30#kbs
Jeffrey15 rnds  blend of box jumps and step ups
Amanda Sta15 Rx2
Jessica B15 rounds Rx2 All RX but 35lb KB
Results Posted: 31
Linda W 5:52am
Did you know? ...seated box jumping is a great way to develop your rate of force development, basically developing strength and speed.