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Tuesday, September 23, 2014 Tomorrow: HSPU, SDHP, MBC ,Perf: 9.24.14
Anniversary Chris O & Brittain & Gary L & Kari & Jeremy He
Perf / MOS 9.23.14

Check In
Mos:Check In    

1a) Elevated Push Ups (Feet Up) 5x12
        *75 Seconds Rest*  
2a) Military Press 5x5 (75%)
       *75 Seconds Rest*  
3a) DB Incline Press *Neutral Grip 3x10
        *(45 Degrees)  
3b) Band Tricep Pushdown 3x20  

3c) Band Face Pull 3x20  

3d) Supinated Pull Aparts 3x20

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Monday, September 22, 2014
Happy Birthday Andrea K
Blue Monday

15 Minute Time Cap
Buy-In:  30 Burpees Over Barbell
  5 Rounds
    5 Deadlifts  Rx(255/185)  Rx2(205/115)
    10 Toes To Bar  Rx2(V Sit-Up)
    150 Meter Run
Cash-Out:  30 Burpees Over Barbell

Score is total elapsed time including Buy-In and Cash-Out

0% 0%
1st15:00 RxJulie S Mon,Sep 22,2014
2nd14:41 Rx2Sallie Mon,Sep 22,2014
3rd14:42 Rx2Angie F Mon,Sep 22,2014
1st12:28 RxJohn R Mon,Sep 22,2014
2nd14:41 RxJason C Mon,Sep 22,2014
3rd15:00 RxBuster Mon,Sep 22,2014

Wendy15:00 Rx2 DNF - buy-in plus 5 rounds (no c/o)
Angie F14:42 Rx2 T2B. Lighter weight today - back problems from climbing
Jason C14:41 Rx
Kristi B10:29  Masters
Pat10:23  Masters
Beth L12:30  mASTERS 40LB Mod burpee
Stan13:42  155# DL, 3rds
Jim L9:15  masters, 135# dl
Wanda13:54  masters, 75# dl, row
Tony10:30  masters, 135# dl
Jerry R16:55  masters, 115# dl
Bryan R5 rounds plus 10 burpees Rx2
Jamie S15:00 Rx2 4 rounds
Sallie14:41 Rx2 at Perimeter
John P15:00  135# DL 4 rnds + 5DL
Marissa15:00  95# dl, knee raises (a few toes2bar), all 5 rounds but shy 30m on last run
Janet15:00  95 lb dl, all toes to bar, all 5 rounds but shy 20 meters
Julie S15:00 Rx Buy in plus 4 complete rounds in 14:58
John R12:28 Rx
Katie B15:00 Rx2 few secs short of 5 rnds
Beth T15:00  85#dl, v-ups, completed 5 rounds
Bobby S15:00  135 DL, 5 rounds and 10 burpees
Marlene15:00 Rx2 115#, v-ups, 5 rounds and 21 burpees
Terry15:00 Rx2 225#dl, vUps, 5rnds +9 burpees
Jeffrey15:00  125#dl, vUps, 5rnds +1 burpee
Kathy N15:00 Rx2 5rnds +6 burpees
Beth F15:00 Rx2 115#dl, T2B, 5rnds +3 burpees
Buster15:00 Rx 4 rds + 8 reps
Linda W 8:44am
Masters Athletes, I miss you all today! Coach Alec will coach you to Victory, take it easy on him LoL ;) See you tomorrow!

Kaitlin 7:37pm
Way to kick ass Julie!

Julie S 10:51pm
Aww! Thanks, Kaitlin!