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Friday, February 12, 2016 Tomorrow:
Row, SDLHP, Burpee

1,000 m Row Buy-in    
5 Rounds
10 SDLHP 75/55    Rx2: Sumo DL 75/55    
10 Burpees            Rx2: 5 Burpees
1,000 m Row Cash-out

Score is total time

1st15:55 Ingrid Today!
2nd18:00 Jyl Today!
3rd18:09 Melissa S Today!
1st14:59 Jason W Today!
2nd15:15 Jeff R Today!
3rd15:17 Mike G Today!

Melissa S18:09 Rx
Daniel Ha17:56 Rx
Joseph17:21 Rx
BRANDI21:10 Rx2 45 lb SDHP
Alexis25:54 Rx
Randall B19:54 Rx
Mike G15:17 Rx
Ingrid15:55 Rx
Lauren Y19:52 Rx2
Scott Sh17:38 Rx
Lance H19:40 Rx
Jeff W20:02  shoulder issue- sub. 100# SDL (NO HP), all else Rx
Jim L22:18  85#sdl
Jim E24:12 Rx2
Jonell27:04  35# and dumb bell pushups
Ellen22:45 Rx2 OMG
Jyl18:00 Rx 65# sdhp
Bryan R16:43 Rx
Shadia23:58 Rx slow but RX
Katie B21:31 Rx
Tammie22:49  RX only 3 RDS
Jason W14:59 Rx
Janet19:40 Rx2 45# sdhp, shoulder hurts
Billy19:02 Rx
John T20:29 Rx
Christopher21:45 Rx2
Jeff R15:15 Rx
Shannon20:33 Rx2
Lou23:00 Rx
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CrossFit Cherokee Feb 12,2016

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