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Thursday, July 30, 2015
Happy Birthday Jyl & Chris O
Welcome Tyler
Jeff R
We shuffled Thursday's previously selected Wall Ball WOD to a later date. Friday is the first installment of a community wide WOD tracking system. We will most definitely hit our weekly Wall Ball quota, however today we shall lift heavy objects instead.

Power Clean 1 Rep Max

Find Your 1 Rep Max Power Clean

Chosen as WOD: Tue,Nov 18,2014 Wed,Jul 30,2014 Wed,Dec 18,2013 Mon,Jan 7,2013
1st165 RxKaci Tue,Nov 18,2014
Amanda A Mon,Jun 16,2014
Linda W Mon,Jun 16,2014
2nd150 RxAja Wed,Jun 3,2015
3rd145 RxJulie S Wed,Jul 30,2014
1st315 RxBryan B Tue,Nov 18,2014
2nd275 RxGavin Thu,Apr 25,2013
Buster Wed,Jun 24,2015
Cameron S Thu,Jul 24,2014
John R Mon,Mar 31,2014
3rd265 RxJamie S Tue,Nov 18,2014
Dan E Fri,Apr 11,2014
Jeff R Mon,Jan 7,2013

Amanda Sta105 Rx 11th
Glen G205 Rx 11th
Jyl135 Rx 5th
Jessica B95 Rx 13th
CrossFit Cherokee Jul 30,2015

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Wednesday, July 29, 2015
Annie on the Run

Double Unders
Abmat Sit-ups

*Run 400 m between each Round. No Run after last 10 Sit-ups

Rx2: x 3 Single unders

Chosen as WOD: Thu,Jul 2,2015
1st15:10 RxIngrid Wed,Jul 29,2015
2nd16:30 RxJyl Wed,Jul 29,2015
3rd21:34 RxBrittany Su Wed,Jul 29,2015
1st12:42 RxAaron Wed,Jul 29,2015
2nd13:51 RxJohn Neg Wed,Jul 29,2015
3rd14:47 RxScott Sh Wed,Jul 29,2015

Stephanie C29:37 Rx2 200m run
Bill M18:03 Rx At home
Maggie20:54 Rx2 gosh darn Double-unders! i'm gonna get you!
Christine H21:42 Rx
Randall B22:06 Rx2 20 DU's, The rest singles
Scott Sh14:47 Rx
Glen G15:30 Rx
Jyl16:30 Rx
Lance H19:55  500m row bws su
Tony25:00  masters ...50 & 40
Jim L25:44 Rx2
Jim E25:03 Rx2
Jeff W28:21 Rx2 Ab muscle spasms during sit-ups :( :(
Susan J29:29  50-40-30-20-10, singles,450m row for run
Ellen28:42 Rx2
Jerry R25:33  masters ..sub back extension for jumping, squats instead of sit ups
Wanda27:52  masters ...75% load, row & walk
John Neg13:51 Rx
Shane21:20 Rx
Brittany Su21:34 Rx
Bryan R19:42 Rx
Jakob23:34 Rx
Devan23:50 Rx
Shannon24:57 Rx
Jessica Go26:10 Rx2
Tyler23:40 Rx2
Mike G32:51 Rx
Jamie S36:27 Rx2
Tracy R18:23 Rx2
Katie B20:44 Rx2
Tammie22:45 Rx2
John T21:57 Rx
Aaron12:42 Rx
Janet18:50 Rx2 singles
Ingrid15:10 Rx
Billy19:46 Rx
Adrien22:22 Rx
Hannah23:14 Rx
Lacey24:54 Rx2
Terry20:29 Rx2
Beth F20:49 Rx2 singles, 30 DUs
Ashley P22:11 Rx
Results Posted: 42
CrossFit Cherokee Jul 29,2015

Linda W 10:55am
Michael Roach

Susan J 11:00am
Thanks Coach Jeff for the sit-ups.  We asked for them and that's what we got.  We will be careful what we ask for the next time!