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  Wednesday, April 16, 2014 Tomorrow: STOH, BBBrP, KBS, GS ,Split Jerks 5 x 3 ,COMP 4.17.14 ,PERF 4.17.14
Welcome Brittany
200m Farmers Carry  (2-45's/2-25's)
    Wall Balls  (20/14)
    Ring Dips  Rx2(Banded Ring Dips)
200m Farmers Carry  (2-45's/2-25's)

rest 2 minutes, then

    Flutter Kicks
    Good Mornings

Score is total time MINUS the 2 minute rest

0% 0%
16:06 Rx Kaci Today!
 17:34 Rx Angie F Today!
  11:23 Rx2 Kari Today!
13:21 Rx Bryan B Today!
 14:47 Rx Glen G Today!
  14:49 Rx Buster Today!

Elise14:58 Rx2 purple band
Melissa S15:02 Rx2
Erik15.49  20 wb band
Debbi13:40  18 in. bx rd 10#wb
Wendy17:21  25#fk, 10#wb, grn band rd
Angie F17:34 Rx Only had to no rep myself 3 times on ring dips - better than last time :-)
Glen G14:47 Rx
Lance H15:17 Rx2
Jim L13:27  masters, 25#fc, 14# wb
Jonell17:25  Banded rd. 10 ball, 10 # Farmer Carry
Debi17:25  10# ball, 10# weight,
Jim E12:14  25lb farmers carry
Becky17:30  10# wall ball
Wanda17:00  box dips
Jerry R21:33  box dips masters
Susan J16:56  10# carry, banded rd, 10# ball
Julie S18:38 Rx2 Rack banded ring dips
Aleyda19:47  10 farmer carrier plus band
Kari11:23 Rx2
Shannon21:23 Rx2
Bryan R14:55 Rx
Jamie S19:16 Rx2 Band on ring dips
Katie H15:47 Rx2 band ring dips
Bobby S17:39 Rx
Marissa15:49 Rx2
Andrea O15:45 Rx2
Kaci16:06 Rx 26# kb fc, 20# wb
Sharon17:16 Rx2 + 1 mile very slow run
Bryan B13:21 Rx MU to ring dip, 53lb KB farmers carry
Jenn12:22 Rx2 banded ring dips, 26 kb FC + stadium run CO
Destiny16:02 Rx2 green band ring dips
Kaitlin19:20 Rx2 Ring dips: green band on rack
Tom T16:56 Rx
Buster14:49 Rx
Linda W18:13 Rx2 banded ring dip progression. form is not there consistently for RX. CashOut 1mile run.
Mark H18:19 Rx
John T18:06 Rx 1 mile cash out
Marlene15:28 Rx2 Row 1500m
Beth F17:46 Rx2 Banded RD, I mile run CO
CrossFit Cherokee Apr 16,2014

CrossFit Cherokee Apr 16,2014

CrossFit Cherokee Apr 16,2014

Sharon 6:14pm
Thanks Bobby and Marissa for running that last bit with me and urging me to finish that mile run!!

Corey B 8:44pm
If you haven't rowed 10k meters yet (John), you should try it. This was my third attempt and just like after the first two I swore I'd never do it again. But I'm sure there will be a fourth time and beyond. Once you do it, you'll see how impressive Scott's split times today were.

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  Tuesday, April 15, 2014
Front Squat 1 Rep Max
Find your 1 rep Max Front Squat

0% 0%
Chosen as WOD: Fri,Dec 20,2013 Tue,Apr 17,2012
210 Rx Linda W Sat,Apr 12,2014
 205 Rx Laura P Fri,Dec 20,2013
  195 Rx Amanda A Tue,Apr 15,2014
365 Rx Jamie S Tue,Apr 15,2014
 345 Rx Bryan B Sun,Jan 19,2014
  335 Rx Randall Mon,Apr 23,2012

Erik155 Rx
Nate S225 Rx
Elise155 Rx
Melissa S135 Rx
Lisa125 Rx
Glen G245 Rx Full Squat Linda......
Julie S160 Rx 5# PR
Shane245 Rx
John N285 Rx tried 300... Fail.
Ann105 Rx
Kevin235 Rx
Jamie S365 Rx
Billy245 Rx
Lance W245lb Rx 225lb clean
John P165# Rx
Mike G235 Rx PR
Marissa85 Rx
Sharon95 Rx
Tommy205 Rx
Tammie120 Rx
Andrea O120 Rx
Tom T245 Rx
Bobby S225 Rx PR
Jenn110 Rx PR
Amanda A195 Rx on sat at comp
Katie H115# PR Rx last was 85
Robert S235 Rx
Courtney D95 Rx
Mandy140 Rx
Brooke155 Rx
Brittain185 Rx
Mark H245 Rx
Brittany105 Rx
Tom N305 Rx
Marlene115 Rx