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Tuesday, July 07, 2015

21-15-9 reps of:
Handstand push-ups
Ring dips

Please post your time as MM:SS.  Note any modifications in the ''Why not Rx'' section.

Chosen as WOD: Mon,Jul 29,2013 Fri,Oct 26,2012 Wed,Nov 30,2011
1st12:11 RxAngela Du Mon,Jul 29,2013
2nd6:17Kristi B Mon,Jul 29,2013
3rd6:41Marlene Wed,Nov 30,2011
1st7:51 RxNate M Mon,Jul 29,2013
2nd8:02 RxRonnie Mon,Jul 29,2013
3rd8:24 RxJohn R Mon,Jul 29,2013

Melissa S10:48  Rx2 handstands to wall; box dips
Scott Sh11:00  sub 115# push press for HSPU
Randall B11:06  sub 115# push press for HSPU
Glen G14:56 Rx
Amanda Sta11:21  Box HSPU; box dips
Alexis12:17  Box HSPU; box dips
Bill M10:30  box HSPU; box dips
Jyl14:50  sub elevated box dips for ring dips
Ryan M14:32 Rx
Christine H13:34  sub box dips for ring dips
John Neg15:59 Rx Elite
Shadia9:59  ring rows & box dips
Marissa9:41  Plated hspu, banded ring dips (rd 1) box dips (rd 2&3)
Mimi9:44  HSPU to plates; box dips
Janet10:29  HSPU to plates; box dips
Brittany W10:29  HSPU to plate; box dip
Bryan R10:26  HSPU to plate
Results Posted: 17

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Monday, July 06, 2015
Happy Birthday Gene
Coffee Complex

5 Power Snatch  
5 Overhead Squats  
5 Power Cleans  
5 Front Squats  
5 Push Jerks  
10 Back Squats  
10 Romanian Deadlifts

Complete all of these lifts without letting go of the bar.

Chosen as WOD: Thu,Sep 25,2014
1st95 RxLinda W Mon,Jul 6,2015
2nd70 RxIngrid Mon,Jul 6,2015
3rd65 RxChristine H Mon,Jul 6,2015
Jyl Mon,Jul 6,2015
Melissa S Mon,Jul 6,2015
1st135 RxJohn Neg Mon,Jul 6,2015
Jeff R Mon,Jul 6,2015
2nd105 RxBryan R Mon,Jul 6,2015
Buster Mon,Jul 6,2015
John New Mon,Jul 6,2015
3rd95 RxJason C Thu,Sep 25,2014
Bobby S Mon,Jul 6,2015
John T Mon,Jul 6,2015
Scott Sh Mon,Jul 6,2015
Ashley P Mon,Jul 6,2015
Devan Mon,Jul 6,2015
Randall B Mon,Jul 6,2015
Jakob Mon,Jul 6,2015

Melissa S65 Rx
Randall B95 Rx
Alexis35 Rx
Levi65 Rx
Amanda Sta35 Rx need to improve OVH squat
Christine H65 Rx
Jeff R135 Rx
Linda W95 Rx
Jyl65 Rx
Lance H80 Rx
Bill M85 Rx dropped 95# on ovhs
Janet45 Rx w/ Mimi P
Mimi45 Rx w/Janet R
Brittany W55# Rx
Sallie45 Rx at perimeter - OHS needs work
John New105 Rx 135# up to 1 power clean
Katie B40 Rx w/ britt
Devan95 Rx
Ashley P95 Rx
Scott Sh95 Rx 135# up to 2 push jerks
John T95 Rx 105# up to 1 power clean
Buster105 Rx 135# up to 5 snatches
Tiffany45 Rx
Ingrid70 Rx
Alex Ga65 Rx
Garrett80 Rx
Shadia35 Rx
Bobby S95 Rx
Bryan R105 Rx
John Neg135 Rx
Jeffrey55 Rx
Terry55 Rx
Beth F55 Rx
Kathy N55 Rx
Josie30 Rx
Jakob95 Rx
Results Posted: 36